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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thoughts of the day -- updated

I’ve got good news and bad news

We rule our planet!

But our planet is unstable and chock full of super volcanoes so Mother Nature could kill us all at any moment.

We have conquered space travel

But we are planet bound until we continue our exploration of outer space and we don't seem to have the foresight to adequately fund NASA or any other space exploration project in a timely manner.  In fact, we have shut down or dismantled our only ride off this rock.  We called it the space shuttle program. We spent billions of dollars building a working space program that we threw in the trash before we had a replacement. Now we can’t even insure the continuation of the human race. We are in grave danger of becoming the Human Race, the great Technological race that turned out to be as dumb as a stump!

The human race got lucky and has evolved on a habitable planet that we call earth.

We got even luckier and became a technological race. We harnessed the power of the atom, learned how build and navigate space ships within our solar system, we learned how to convert unlimited amounts of energy from any star we can get close to. We learned how to grow food to support our biological bodies; we learned how to create unlimited amounts of fresh water. The human race was ready to move on to the next stage of evolution a stage where we master nano technology, build faster computers, design neural networks and  we start building space based nano colonies that enable us to explore the universe. Since the distance factor will have been eliminated by virtue of us becoming a race of immortals. There are only a few problems. We have mastered Solar power but refuse to adapt to it the and use it.

Hopefully that will change soon and the human race can continue to evolve

Debt and deficits don't matter.
If the human race does not survive, does it matter that we are in debt?
Is there a god?
I don't know.  Sometimes I think Gods and Goddesses  are simply the only method the human race had to influence Large portions of its population before the Internet existed.

The human race needs to get back to being explorers. We are unique in our ability to think beyond the simple level of what am I going to eat next. We actually wonder who we are going to be next. This represents a huge evolutionary shift. If we choose to do it, we could easily inspire and feed everyone in our solar system and make room for many more.  We have the technology! I hope that our political parties can get it together soon, before we are all extinct.

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