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Thursday, July 21, 2011

One Giant Leap Backward For Mankind!

Today was last landing of the space shuttle. Does that mean we're at the end of human evolution? I certainly hope not. The space shuttle is more than a flying machine, more than an orbiter. It was an amazing dream realized. It was the culmination of thousands of years of human evolution

The space shuttle was the hope of humanity. As long as we had the space shuttle, humanity had hope. In the event of a large meteor shower, or an unusually intense solar flare, a biological outbreak, a super volcano eruption or any one of thousands of natural or unnatural disasters, we had a chance to survive because even with very short notice, we had the capability to at least put people into space as a last-ditch effort to save the human race. Now we have abandoned that capability and our future is far less secure. How can we the human race even contemplate allowing this to happen?

With the shuttle program intact we could put people on the moon and build shelters to grow food and collect water. We have the knowledge and technology to persevere despite incredible odds. As long as we had a way for some of our people to get off of this one single unstable planet that we currently inhabit. For now we are stuck. If anything nasty comes at us quickly, we’re screwed.

Unfortunately the human race is now in danger of going down in history as the Planet Earth based advanced technological race that was as dumb as a stump.

I have many stupid questions to ask my fellow humans

Our sun is an unlimited source of power. Now that we know how to harness the power of the sun, why are we not building a global solar power grid to make sure that all people can have food, water, power, communications and basic access to human knowledge? The sun is always shining somewhere. It’s a fact!

What are we doing to insure the survival of the human race?

Is there any place where the knowledge of our planet would be available to our people in the case of a disaster so that the human race would not be forced to start over from scratch?
This would include our science and technology both human and biological
We are smart enough to keep our computer data off-site. Have we even considered creating a safe repository off- planet for he knowledge of the human race?

Computers, memory devices, satellites, the Internet, tablets, Right now, all of these devices carry The combined knowledge of our developing young technological race. A race of people That is just starting to understand the universe and their own biology. A race of people that is very near becoming immortal based on their science and technology. And yet, The knowledge of the human race which has taken thousands of years to evolve is not even being protected. There's no one place that you can go to get or understand the science, math and philosophy that the human race has discovered up to this point in our evolution.

In our short history on this planet we have witnessed the impacts on Saturn first hand. These were Planetary Impacts large enough to destroy our planet in an eye blink collisions that would end the human race. Instead of arguing about geopolitics, debt limits, religious views and budgets we should worry a little bit about our future as the human race. We have to ask ourselves, what would we do if our astronomers suddenly announced that we were going to take a direct hit from an asteroid big enough to be a planet killer what would our priorities be when confronted with the end of civilization as we know it. I doubt very much that we would be worried about our budgets.

The Human race needs to get its act together. The universe is waiting for us.

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